A design is the overall appearance of a product. The visual features that form the design include the shape, configuration, pattern and ornamentation of the product. It does not include the feel of the product, what it is made from or how it works.

A design is a type of intellectual property and in India it may be published or registered under the Designs Act 2000.

To enable registration, a design must be new and distinctive. ‘New’ means the design has not been publicly used in India nor has it been published in a document within or outside India.

We provide following Design IPR Service:-

  • Conducting design searches, analysing design novelty and filing applications to register design rights. Our pro-active approach is designed to minimise formal objections and our advice factors in long term enforceability criteria;
  • Initiation of, and defense against, cancellation actions filed before the Designs Office;
  • Maintenance of registered designs;
  • Advising on the licensing and assignment of design rights, drafting documents connected therewith and assisting clients with seamless record of such instruments;
  • Offering design watch services;
  • Enforcement of design rights including dispute resolution through suits of infringement before various courts across India;
  • Assistance with prosecuting applications for registration of designs in outside jurisdictions through our network of associates.

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