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Akcent Associates, is an association of professionals, is passionately dedicated to protection of trade-marks, copyrights, designs, patents. We provide a complete range of services including filing and prosecution of applications, oppositions and cancellation proceedings, searching and watching services, renewals, licensing and registered users, franchising and enforcement of rights through civil, criminal or administrative measures.

We operate under a traditional board and management structure. Our people and our clients benefit from our ability to remain ahead of the curve, reshaping and adapting our business in response to market and industry demands.

Doing business with us is easy. We know that how we work with you is just as important as the advice we provide. In order to achieve the best possible result we match our experts to your needs.

22 Years Of Experience

We are having a team of experienced legal and IT Professionals.We provide all kind of IPR related Services i.e Registration,Prosecution and Litigation throughout India for Trademark,Copyright,Patent,Design etc.

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    Copyright Issues InvolvingMusic For a music composer, lyricist, a producer, or any performer, protecting music is a big concern under the U.S. copyright protection laws. By copyright, it indicates legal protection that is offered to the original work of music of the creator from others to use it by their
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    Intellectual property rights are considered to be an important asset of any corporate unit. It is an indication of the creation of mind and the work that makes one entity different from the other. With better IP or intellectual rights, it would be easy to promote the possible innovations and
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    For suitable protection of medical inventions, patents are the perfect option. This would also safeguard medical discoveries that are research-based and it is done by most of the pharmaceutical companies. In return for the protection offered by the patent, it can disclose the research used in coming up with the

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